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Bread Therapy

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Bread Therapy


This week we almost lost a child to an intentional overdose ... he will be okay ... he is now getting some help & we will be there for him every step of the way.  This has been a parent's worst nightmare.  I truly believe in (1) professional care, (2) prayers, & (3) endless family love.

When I woke up this morning my body & brain were numb ... I shuffled into the kitchen made some coffee & then made a loaf of Country Sourdough Bread ... doing so helped me count my blessings.

When you say your prayers ... please add our son to your list.  He's a great kid & there is a wonderful world out there waiting for him.

Much love & many blessings!!!



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You have our prayers.  And, yes, you are right--it is a nightmare.  I hope the treatment works and all is well with him from now on.  And, yes, bread making can be therapeutic--also eating it. 

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Thank you for your prayers!

He's not a little kid ... he's 23.  We have him hooked up with some great professionals & we will very much be a party of his 'new journey'.  He is a great kid ... EVERYONE loves him ... we did not see this coming at all.  We've determined collectively one of the primary issues is he needs to realize his own self-worth & love himself.  I think he'll be out of the care center by Monday ... and then we're having him live with us for a few months.  We saw him for an hour last night & there was a lot of very honest & loving talk going on.

I give thanks for God's love & comfort and also the love & comfort we've found with family & friends ... and here too ... it was good for me to talk to 'strangers' ... an outlet of sorts.

Please keep him in your prayers ... I see brighter days before us!  :o)

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I hadn't been baking at home for a while. Then one of my best friends died from an illness he didn't think was as bad as it was. I didn't know what to do with myself. I decided to keep myself busy. The way bread or preparing any food can make you feel is the purest most primal form of creation and therapy in our bodies IMO. I hope that you and your family are getting through this. Food is nature's medicine.

Tom Georgalas

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In his case the kid, youngest of 4, has even ended up in jail.  Just hoping that the jail terms will help straighten him out.   When al the olders ones worked out so well, it was a real shock when they found what the youngest one was into.  Neve saw it coming at all until it was right there in their face.   So glad I grew up where and when I did so we did not have these problems available to us in the country.

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Aussie Pete

Empthay prayers and love to you. Not only is home cooking good to keep busy with but it is a good way to return him to good health.

Positive love to you

Aussie Pete.

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Thank you & many blessings to you!