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rofco bread oven

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rofco bread oven

Does anyone know if the Rofco bread ovens can be bought in the USA?

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I was curious, too, so I tracked down their website:

Google will translate it and the Rofco site offers a contact form for questions.

They also sell spiral mixers.

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This looks like an awesome little oven and I am wondering why no on in the US sells them or makes something similar.

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waiting to find out what they have to say ... you're right .... it's an amazing product ... and so are their mixers and grain mills. we shall see ...

Stan Ginsberg

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I too, just saw the Baking Bread video, very cool video, but the Rofco really peaked my attention.

Any news on this product?

I ran a search, and it led me back here. lol

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You can turn your oevn into a rofco. You only need to understand the thermodynamics of baking a dough, and devise enough heat sources in the right dierection, and trap enough steam to mimic a pro hearth oven. With few $$  invested you can have your own hearth oven, though the exclusivity of baking multiple loaves at a time will still be a drawback.