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Cakes and pastries

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Cakes and pastries

Hello all.

I wanted to ask you guys if you could recommend a good book for cakes and pastries that is amateur-friendly, with some coverage of technique or tips that could help improve my baking experience.

The reason I ask is that I have tried, on several occasions, to bake cakes from scratch following recipes from a generic baking book that I bought from Borders, but each time have been disapointed with the results. Each time the cakes come out flat and dense (I had much better luck with the croissants I baked). I thought that this could be the result of my poor technique/knowledge, the quality of the available equipment in my kitchen, the quality of the ingredients I have at my dispossal, or all of the above. Or (it occured to me) it could also be the result of a poorly written book (?).

In any case, if anyone could recommend a book to help an amateur, I'd appreciate it very much. :)

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" Bakers' Companion" King Arthur flour

"How To Bake" by Nick Malgieri

"Joy of baking"

In that order, but all good & will turn out delicious treats.



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America's Test Kitchen website also has great technique video's.

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cgmeyer2 has some excellent baking lessons & tutorials.

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Better Homes & Gardens puts out very good cookbooks that cover just about everything cake, pastry, bread, etc., as does Good Housekeeping.

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Thanks much everyone! You have given me a lot to read and work with. :)