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Spin- Neapolitan style pizza in the KC area

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Postal Grunt

Spin- Neapolitan style pizza in the KC area

Spin is a small chain (4 outlets that I know of) in the KC area. The resturant that I've visited is in Overland Park at 6451 W 119th ST. There are two more stores further west on 119th and one in KC, MO near the Country Club Plaza. They describe their pizza as Neapolitan style and offer about 10 choices in both the red and white pizzas. The crust is very thin and the ingredients are of good quality. The ingredients are applied in  good measure and there are no "everything but the kitchen sink" pizzas. I had the "tres carni" pie  and my wife had the roasted chicken, mushroom, and chevre cheese white pie last night. We took home five slices rather than gorging ourselves. They have a wine list of about 15 bottles and offer at least eight beers of different styles including three of KC's own Boulevard Beer. Service was good and timely and there were two managers on the floor to keep an eye on operations.

I had an oppotunity to talk to one of the managers about the resturant and its operation. They use a gas fired hearth oven kept at 600F. Their flour is supplied to them with a small quantity of brown sugar mixed in. The manager said they add the yeast and water but didn't mention anything about fermentation or proofing. After the dough has been measured out, each crust is hand tossed for the order and the floor of the oven brings about the rising in the crust. I'd have to go to work there to find out anything more than that.

Spin is worth a stop for pizza fans in the KC area. Most pizza places in the area are the pizza by the pound style with few being noteworthy. The d'Bronx restaurants make a NYC style pizza that is something to be sampled as an alternative choice. I enjoy stopping by Spin and am interested in hearing from others about their reactions to the restaurant.



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I wish I'd seen this last week. I was just in KC for a conference on Friday and Saturday. I guess that it will have to wait until the next time I'm there.

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I've been to the "further west on 119th" store (actually inside the Olathe city limits, I think) and enjoyed my pie.  It's a welcome break from the Little Caesar / Domino / Papa John approach to pizza, although I suspect a Noo Yawkah might turn up their nose.

If you get back that way again, head a little further east into Leawood and try the pizza at North.  It's an Italian restaurant in a shopping center at the SE corner of the 119th St. and Roe Avenue.  Their pancetta / fig / goat cheese pizza is a terrific marriage of earthy/fruity and salty/sweet flavors.