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Buckwheat biscuit recipe?

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Buckwheat biscuit recipe?

A while back (before I was into bread making/ baking) I was a guest at someone's house and they served the most amazing buckwheat biscuits. I have no way of finding that person to ask- so I was wondering if anyone has a recipe they like for buckwheat biscuits. 

These biscuits were very dark in color, and had "peaks" on them because the dough was very wet and sticky. I did ask for the recipe when I was there and the lady who made them said, "Oh, yeah they're from "so-and-so's cookbook"- sounded like a popular cook book but I didn't know much about baking then so I can't remember what book/ who the author might have been.

Any help appreciated! Thanks :-)

Edit: I should clarify...I have been all over Google, etc trying to find something similar but can't. I was hoping someone would know which cook book and maybe could dig out the recipe or just let me know which book/ author has a good recipe that you have tried.


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Charles Luce

I love using buckwheat - taste, color, scent ... and the fact it doesn't irritate my celiac. If I were trying to duplicate the biscuits you saw I'd start with the biscuit recipe in Bette Hagman's Gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Comfort Food, only with 100% buckwheat flour and 1/2 the amount of salt. To make the buckwheat darker try and get a local mill to keep the hulls in for you. I buy from a mill in Youngstown Ohio (Lanterman's) which will do this. Or you could buy some hulls and run them through the food processor a little then blend them in yourself. If pure buckwheat is too strong for your taste you can lighten it with other flours. I have to use GF ones but I sense you don't have that problem. Lucky you! Enjoy the buckwheat....