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Does bread stuffing count?

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Does bread stuffing count?

Well, this isn't really a "loaf" post, but it does fit into the Brick and Earth Oven category -- I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the bird I baked in the WFO this T-G.

Unfortunately, I was too busy at the end of the roast to get a pic of the thing when it was done, but it came out great  -- nicely brown, crisp skin, moist & tender meat.

Heating the oven. Note the lack of soot on the bricks, meaning the walls are up to baking temp, over 900°:

Left that burn until the wood was just coals, and the fire was out, plus about 30 minutes to let the oven soak up the heat. Then, put the bird in the oven to roast:

Note the small fire burning off to the right? That's for smoke. I toss a few wood scraps onto the fire and then close the door so they smoke instead of burn. This results in:

Left it smoke for about an hour, then covered it for the next 3+ hours. The oven temp had fallen by then to around 400°:

Like I said, sorry, no pic of the final product, but you can sorta get the idea from the smoke shot.

But I do want to add that smoking turkey or chicken this way gives stock made later from the carcass a wonderful mildly smokey flavor -- umami soup! VERY yummy.

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We cooked a 25lb turkey in our WFO this Thanksgiving.  It was very tastey as well.  You get that smoke flavor, but not overwhelming and the meat stays way more moist than it would in a reg oven.

We are cooking all kinds of things in our now.

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Thanks for sharing and loved your photos!