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Dan Lepards "The Handmade Loaf"

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Dan Lepards "The Handmade Loaf"

I received today my copy of the European version of Dan Lepards "The Handmade Loaf". This is the paperback version but it's much nicer than what I would call a paperback, and larger with beautiful photos. The thing that attracted me to this book was the post that others have done on a Black Pepper Rye which I made and loved. Unfortunately that particular recipe isn't included in this version. But now that I know about it and have visited the author's web site this is not an issue.

As I page through the book, many delicious and unusual breads are tempting me to be first. This is going to be fun.


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This is MY FAVORITE BREAD BOOK in the world!


maybe because it was with his book that I got the final push to make my first sourdough starter.... March 2008. 

my first bread from the book was the milk loaf, because it uses commercial yeast only, and I had to wait for my starter to get ready.  It turned out exactly like the picture in the book!


My second bread was "white levain", which I think is the best example of his method - I could not believe when I cut that bread and saw the crumb, it was like a dream come true! Holes, uneven holes, beautiful holes, creamy taste, nice crust... just perfect! 


My third loaf was the mill loaf - great results... my fourth loaf was the potato bread (it calls for raw, shredded potato in the dough)...


I think I've made the white levain at least 10 times so far, because it's my favorite, but every single one I tried was great.  I also made the raisin loaf (made in a crown shape, hole in the center), and his oat bread, I want to say oats and apples, but I am not sure now. 

Very recently, inspired by this forum, I made the barm bread, which is simply superb!


(I guess that qualifies me as a huge fan of Dan Lepard!)


I look forward to following your bread baking posts....  Have fun!

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I would just like to add my appreciation for Dan Lepard's "The Handmade Loaf". This book is simply beautiful. The formulas included are interesting and all the ones I have made so far have turned out just like the pictures and descriptions. What I like the most though, is the author's obvious love for people and the breads that they make. The photos included of the people holding their loaves are poignant somehow- very touching and sweet. The stories included inspire a different level of appreciation for not just the bread itself, but the people that make it.

My favorite bread book so far.

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Count me in as another The Handmade Loaf fan. This book is also the one that got me going using my own sourdough starter.


I also enjoy the other non-loaf bread recipes (ie. buckwheat pancakes, crackers, etc.) towards the back of the book.


Dan inclues some beautiful photos in the book and his written bits on bread and his travels around Europe looking at traditionally made loaves are enjoyable. I took a class with him in London. Really great guy.



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Hi Everyone...

This book got me started too!

Dan's own forum is excellent ( where he is very involved.  Some members will also know that he publishes a baking recipe every week in the UK newspaper 'The Guardian' (  These recipes are posted on his forum but you can look back the recipes on the Guardian site too under Life & Style (sub heading 'Food').

The Black Pepper Rye recipe is there...