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Book Review: My Rustic Sandwiches

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Book Review: My Rustic Sandwiches

A copy of Sam Sidawi's new book, My Rustic Sandwiches recently found its way into my hands, so I want to take a quick moment to sing praise to it. It is beautiful.

Sam is the Daniel's Rustic Bread guy, probably best known for the line of DVDs about baking he has put together. I've not seen any of them, but if they are half as well put together as this book then they are worth checking out.

The book is about what it sounds like it is about: gourmet sandwiches, sandwiches that do justice to both the fillings and the breads they are served on. It isn't a huge book, running just shy of one hundred pages, but Sam packs a lot in it. It features over fifty different sandwiches, most with recipes and bread recommendations and all with one or more mouth watering photos. It also includes a handful of basic bread formulas as well as recipes for common spreads like hummus and tzatziki.

My Rustic Sandwiches is the best put together self-published book I've ever seen. The photos are great, the layout tasteful, the printing and paper high quality, even the index is top notch. The coherence and attention to detail here is higher than what is often found in book on major imprints. This isn't "vanity press" self publishing, this is self publishing with attention to detail in the same way an accomplished chef oversees everything from the growing of the vegetables in the garden to the preparation and serving of the meal. I am most impressed.

I'll admit that I've not made any of Sam's sandwiches yet. With a 4 year-old and a 7 year-old in the house and school back in session, there is more demand for PB&J than for Sautéed Dandilion, Camelized Onions, Shaved Radish and a Squeeze of Lemon Juice on Pita Bread sandwiches. But his book is an inspiration and would make a lovely gift for a fellow foodie. I wish Sam great success with it.

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Thanks for reviewing a book that I never would have heard about otherwise.  I bookmarked the site so that I can purchase it from the money in my "friends flour fund."  You see, thanks to TFL I now bake well enough that I am able to sell a couple of loaves a week to friends (I just ask them if they want what I'm planning to bake anyway and then I make extras.) so that I can regularly treat myself to a new baking toy such as a fancy tool, ingredient or book.  My Rustic Sandwiches sounds like the perfect indulgence!