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Baguette screw-up in progress..

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Baguette screw-up in progress..

Making a baguette recipe at GF's house, from memory...


Accidentally doubled water, so I ran with it.  However, I used 2t yeast in a double batch, where I'd normally use 3t for a single recipe.  Can I save it?  I figure (much) longer rising time might do the trick.  I don't feel like baking today in the first place, but have sauce & meatballs on the stove already, which will need bread (also new pasta machine at my/our disposal, so we're gonna give that a first try tonight as well).  My parents etc will benefit at tomorrow's cookout if I can make this work, since I will now have more bread than I can eat.  Worth my time to save it, or should I start anew?


(Sorry if this is a stupid newbie question)

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My  only suggestion is proof at an elevated temperature 80°F to 84°F. You can usually get this temperature putting the dough in your cold oven with the oven light turned on. Monitor the temperature if you have a thermometer, and turn the light off when you reach the warmest temperture you think is right.

Good luck, let us know how they turned out.

David G