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Eric's Rye as crumbs for Fried Green Tomatoes

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Eric's Rye as crumbs for Fried Green Tomatoes

I made a batch of Eric's Favorite Rye, and was thrilled with the results.  Great recipe! If you haven't tried it, don't wait (find it with a search.)  As I was enjoying the bread I thought about how the caraway and rye would lend a perfect bottom note to the tang of fried green tomatoes.  They're easy to do: start with "mature green" tomatoes, slice 1/2", season with salt and pepper and allow to drain on paper towels while you set up the rest.  The crumbs were made by drying out some bread in a low oven, then giving it a whirl in a blender.  To fry, dip tomato slices in milk, then egg, then crumbs, fry to golden in shallow hot olive oil, serve hot.  (Tip, wipe out the pan between batches to avoid overly blackened bits.)  I tried this recipe recently with plain Panko bread crumbs, but they were not nearly as good as this batch made with Eric's Rye.  Enjoy!


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Mouthwatering, beautiful photos, Glassweaver!  Ever since I have started making my own breadcrumbs there is no going back to storebought not even Panko!  The rye and green tomatoes make a wonderful combination!  Your tomatoes are so pretty and perfect!  I love pickled green tomatoes with fried catfish!


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My tomatoes are so late this year I may learn to like this idea. It sounds like a creative combination, good idea. Glad you like the bread.