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I've made a big jump

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I've made a big jump

and I can't wait to dive in to start reading.  I've been lusting after this one, and finally splurged for it today.  I bought Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads book, and can't wait till later, to hop into a warm bed, while the rain is pouring outside, and to start savoring each picture and recipe!  I also bought Nany Baggett's Kneadlessly Simple book, and many of those look just as good.

Just wanted to share, that these make 3 books now....and many more to start collecting!

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Alas! You are no doubt now a lost cause - like so many of us!

At first it is one book, then slowly the purchases accelerate and soon you have four or five Reinharts, a Hamelman, a Field, an Ortiz, and you start dreaming about a wood fired oven.

Eventually you start stashing books around the house for you don't have enough shelves. You even buy a second copy of a book because you forgot you had one. And sometimes you can't find one when you want it!

Welcome to my world! Well, I am not quite that bad...or am I?

Now, where's my Reinhart Whole Wheat???





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I even made my first loaves out of the Reinhart book too!  I made the transitional rye loaves, and have pics, but we had company, so can't post tonight, but will tomorrow!

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My husband is a librarian and just shakes his head when another cookbook, primarily bread/baking related arrives in the mail. But then he also sees all my quilting related books that no longer fit in that bookcase.  It only takes one good bread book to get you over the edge so start building more shelves quick!  And then you will need more storage space in the kitchen:-)

Melody in Santa Fe