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Help! using yogurt in a quick bread recipe over milk- results?!

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Help! using yogurt in a quick bread recipe over milk- results?!

I am contemplating trying a runny organic vanilla bean yogurt (Wallaby-- to die for, by the way) in a quick bread recipe that I am trying to create from scratch.  Does anyone know what the outcome of this would be.... I want THE MOST moist quick bread in the world when I am finished with this... Dense and super duper moist... To me.... it seems that this could possibly be an amazing solution- using milk seems to make it just ok-but not what im going for...any suggestions?

 Thanks much

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I often use yogurt instead of buttermilk or milk in muffins and quick breads (such as the better banana bread posted here) and have always been pleased with the results.

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using yogurt will help relax the dough much more because of its acidic content but you may need to add a little bit of a sweetener to compensate for taste

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I use Kefir milk, a product which has many similarities to yogurt but is healthier, in any  breads (quick, sourdough, yeasted) that ask for milk and it is incredible. Also makes a great poolish for Ciabatta too.

Incidentally, the most moistness I have ever achieved was by using sauerkraut in the recipe, it works well in cakes but have not tried it in quick breads. 

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I use yogurt almost exclusively in quick breads instead of milk. It's moister and more flavorful to my palate.