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Worksheets from Dan DiMuzio's Bread Baking

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Worksheets from Dan DiMuzio's Bread Baking

Hi I was wondering whether anyone has tried to access Dan's Design Worksheets from page 167 in the book  Bread Baking.  An Internet link to Wiley is provided but it would appear to me that one would have to be a registered teacher to use them.  I guess I could photocopy from the book if need be.  Thanks Bakerincanada

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Dan that is a fabulous book.  I read it and learned so much.  Especially about the 3 types of mixing and how they are different and how they produce different results.  I have not tried any of the formulas yet, but I want to try thr rustic bread soon.  I also really enjoyed the chapter on making your own formulas.  No one, at least that I have read, has addressed that.  So thanks for sharing.