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ever tried baking on a bbq?

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ever tried baking on a bbq?

anyone every tried that? I have a webber bbq at home, never tried it for bread. Wouldn't it be too hot? Do I need to add woodchips (oak?) for better taste?

Any tips are welcome, before I start that adventure.

Happy baking!


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My friend had tried it and she said it worked.  She heated up the BBQ to the right temperature (had a thermometer built on outside the BBQ) and baked away.  I have never tried it because we couldn't figure out how to install the thermometer on our BBQ).  The thermometer came with the BBQ but the hole where it supposed to hold the thermometer was too small.  My husband called the company and they insisted the hole should be the right size.  I looked at it and that's no way the thermometer could go through the hole.  But it didn't do us any good arguing with some guy over the phone who didn't believe the size of the hole was wrong so we gave up.

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I searched under the word "grill" and got 10 pages of hits.  Have at it, Jw!  And remember to have fun.

Susan from San Diego

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Im wondering about adding the smoked flavor of wood chips to certain would depend on what kind of bread you want to is great with the smoked flavor of fruit woods. Oak is my favorite wood of choice..I do use oak in my wfo oven...for baking bread I would think maybe you would want the heat from your grill but not so much a smoked flavor you would get by adding chips! 



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We have baked hamburger buns on our gas barbecue. We do not have a temperature gauge. The buns turned out fabulously.

We have also baked pita and naan on the barbecue. We heated up the barbecue and put the shaped breads directly on the grill and closed the lid. It took virtually no time at all for them to puff up. This method of baking bread works equally well for naan and pitas.

And pizza too on one of those inexpensive round pizza stones. Cool idea to add wood smoke, Sylvia. We hadn't thought of that. We'll have to try it. If someone else tries it first, do tell about it please!


(photos of baking pizza on the barbecue:

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Don't be hesitant to try any cooking on the grill.  (Just dont call it BBQ, but we'll save that argument for another website)  I put my stone on the grates, and I've had great results with Quiche, Cookies, Bread, Pizza, and everything else I tried.  I lived in my 5th wheel camper for 3 mohts and cooked everything on my grill.

for temp, Dont trust the dial guage on your standard grill, I used a remote temp probe (like to check the internal temp of a roast as you bake) there is no way to permanently mount it, so I use a wine cork, cut in half, poke probe throught cork, through a hole in  the side of grill (where rotisserie would bolt on) and the other cork, leaving an inch of the probe tip exposed.


probe --------[cork]-[grill wall]--[cork]------>



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I have baked a lot of bread in a BBQ, it works great. Here is a picture of my cooker.

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I found a picture of bread on the grill after they were done.

BBQ Bread

I'm doing some more right now.