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Recommendations for Toronto

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Recommendations for Toronto

Hey All!

Currently, I live in Cyprus (I am here for 2 years- done with the 1st year, one more to go) and I do a lot of home-based artisan baking. I will be visiting Toronto soon with my girlfriend from Michigan. I would love to hear any recommendations regarding good restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, cookware/baking supplies shops that are in the area...



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Hazim, welcome to Toronto.  There are many, many excellent restaurants in Toronto--  one of the best places in North America.  To recommend a restaurant would be difficult, considering the huge variety available.  An excellent resource for you would be or  There is no excellent pizza in Toronto (at least, not until I open my own place!).  The best is probably Terroni, although i would likely get arguments here.  Thuet Bistro Bakery is worth a visit for something to eat and fantastic bread.  For cookware/ bakeware the best places are the restaurant supply places that you can find .on  Any other questions you have i'll be happy to help out.