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Video: Baguette shaping

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Video: Baguette shaping

Here's a pretty neat video of baguette shaping:

Why do they always make it look so simple?

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Great baguette shaping video.  I watched it twice.  The baker in the video knows what he's doing, for sure.  I've bookmarked it for my next baguette baking session.

Thanks again,


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Great video, Hans.  Yes, the experts sure make it look a lot easier than it is.

I think I'll dig out the playdough from the toy chest, put a cutting board on my lap, and practice in front of the computer.  

Hmm....maybe sourdough discard would be a better medium...


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Hans, Thanks for the nice clear sounding video...shaping looks made find the best videos!!  Now it's a toss up which way to shape my baguettes...I think the Cubans are having more fun!! : ) 


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Excellent video. Thanks for the link. I was also very interested to hear him start to say that the pleats of the couche should be a little taller than the shaped baguette.

Too bad there isn't a continuation showing the risen baguette and slashing.


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Because it is simple.  It's just not easy.

Great video!  Don't know if I'm going to change my technique just yet, but some parts are well worth considering.

Thanks for finding this!

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guh, i just had two ficelles bust at the seems. Guess I didn't watch this guy enough.