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Yeast and Ambient Temp During the Rise

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Yeast and Ambient Temp During the Rise

First post here.

I use a bread machine for dough and baking.  The ambient temperature in my kitchen varies here in Michigan.  My bread rise in winter is a fraction of what I get in the summer when the kitchen is 10 degrees warmer.  My Hitachi HB-D102 is supposed to keep the dough warm during the rise, but there is a still a big difference between summer and winter.

Any suggestions to get a better rise would be appreciated.  I'm hoping to avoid a special bread machine box with a light bulb to keep it warmer or something on that order.  Maybe I can just add more yeast.

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More yeast = more (faster) rise.  I wouldn't go too crazy, though.  Try increasing it by about 25% at first.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Changing the order can help.
i.e. The BM recipe calls for water in first, then mix then yeast on top.

Change that order...
Try adding the water, around 80 degrees temp, then add the yeast and blend with a small spatula.
Wait about 3 minutes then add the mix and start the timer/process.
This will give your yeast a kick-start. (Better than the *Lions.)

* I grew up in Detroit. ;-)