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Noah Erhun


Thought it was time I join the yellow mellow bandwagon, at least with one yellow add-in, with little flavor impact. 


200g white starter (100% hydration)

400g flour     200g guisto's bakers choice 200g BRM spelt

400g water

11 hr RT ferment @ ~71F

Final dough:

1000g leavin (all of the above)

1240g cool water 

2000g guisto's bakers choice

50g salt

25g EVOO

25g poppy seeds

10g Turmeric

175g finely minced red onions 

45 min autolyse (flour water leavin and onions)

2 hours bulk with S/F every 30 min @ 73F

3 hour retard in the fridge @ 36F

Scaled, shaped and tranfered to proofing baskets.

19 hour cold ferment @ 36F 

Baked for 30 minutes with steam (THANK YOU Sylvia) @ 465F lowered to 450 for around 15-20 minutes. 

For steaming I used Sylvia's towel method with three loaf pans, producing a wondeful blistered crust.

Although well balanced, I think the flavor would have beinfited from twice as much onion and a few cloves of garlic along with 5-10% dark rye in the leavin. 

 I'm still working on/playing with different scoring, the simple single slashed loaf came out the best. 







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Noah Erhun

Another wonderful recipe from

*I used Ischia instead of a rye stater, WM brick mozzarella instead of asiago and substituted half of the AP for 00.
Amazingly tender flavorful loaves...couldn't eat it standing up.  



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Noah Erhun

Favorite ciabatta recipe so far, apart from the added yeast, which I cut in half increasing the fermentation time. Next time around I'll try to elimiated it complety.

Levain: equal parts flour, water starter (Ischia). 

Flour 100% (39.6% Caputo 00, 39.6% KAAP, 21% KAWhite WW) 
Water 64.5%
Levain 55% (100% hydration)
Milk 4%
Oil  2.7%
Salt 2.4%
IDY  .3% 

(Final hydration 77.6%)
4 hours @65F bulk, 8 hours in the fridge around 1.5 hours RT in loaves. 
The rounds were baked on a stone covered by a stainless bowl. The free-form Ciabattas were baked without steam...just replaced the oven glass  

Since I don't own a mixer I mixed the dough by hand with some additional stretch and folds. Following Ken Forkish's technique
Excellent flavor with only a slight tang. 

I'm suprsed how well the free-forms turned out considering the lack of steam and being a bit over done. 


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