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Hokkaido milk bread base, traditional dark chocolate+ cocoa filling with a hint of cinnamon 

I think I'm done baking till Christmas!


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Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I'm in charge of bread this year, I had a lot of fun making this. 

The stub was made of a piece of cracker dough I saved the other day, it was supposed to be a stem with a tail, but it was too fragile it broke. Well I don't have any more cracker dough left so I'll stick with a stub!


And also an einkorn pan loaf for myself! Nothing fancy, the steam was created by the giant pot of soup I got going in my oven, turned out being pretty sufficient for the bloom, got a nice spring out of it. 


Tomorrow is Babka day!

What's on everybody's menu this year?

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Fermentolyse overlapse with levain building, save time and allow flour to hydrate. Bulk ferment was proof to maximum before cold retard. Dough was handled while cold with no need for further proofing. All it takes after shaping was to relax them for 1 hour for maximum oven spring. I still hate scoring baguette because I'm pretty bad at it. Do you use a curved lame or just the blade?


67g ww starter @peak
160g water
80g kamut
80g rye
1.5 hour at a very warm spot

Mix in:
300g water(use 280g and reserve 20g as needed)
13g salt
150g ap flour
260 bread flour
7g diastatic malt
7g vital wheat gluten
total bulk 8 hours(the 1.5 hour above included)

Fermentolyse 1 hour> s/f +slap and fold 50 times, add reserved water as you go> rest 30 mins letter fold> transfer to a lightly greased pyrex> 4 sets of coil foil over the next 2.5 hours> last 2 hours untouched, dough should be doubled >straight to the fridge for 16 hours

Next day:
Tip dough on a floured surface> rest 10 mins> divide dough and preshape into 4 cylinders>rest 30mins> shape 4 baguettes> rest 1 hour on a couche > tip baguettes onto parchment > score and bake@500f for 12 mins with steam> remove parchment and steam tray and bake @450 for 18mins 



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It's been a long time since I tried something weird.

Guys this method worked!

When using a large amount of sweet potatoes in one loaf(1/3+ of dough weight)

Instead of kneading the mash sweet potatoes in the dough(which change the whole structure of the dough if you're using that much) 

Or making 2 doughs and laminate together for the swirl

Pick one of your simple recipe, treat it like a puff pastry, encase the sweet potato in the dough and do your 3-4 coil folds that way, and you'll get the swirl, the flavor  the spring all in one package!


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Although it's more of an Everything-I-Craved focaccia!

I wanted einkorn bread, garlic onion bread, something cheesy, something spicy and everything bagels!

So I winged an einkorn focaccia with jalapeno, green onion, garlic olive oil, cheddar,  black pepper and everything seasoning ?‍♀️

It ended up pretty good tho! 

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You know one of those days when I'm indecisive about what to make and unsure what I craved. Breads like sesame or bulgur never disappoint.





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Butter was added in the dough to further tenderize the crumb.

I converted my favorite sweet rolls recipe to make this giant loaf. A little bit too big it touches the top of my dutch oven and the top got squished. Worth it though, more bread for me! It's massive and so soft it's impossible to make a good cut.

1. 400g lukewarm water
2. 55g honey
3. 105g molasses
4. 62g ww starter
5. 140g whole rye flour
6. 140g whole wheat flour
7. 290g bread flour
8. 15g cocoa powder
9. 5g salt
10. 30g soften butter

- combine 1, 2, 3 dissolved all the sugar in the water
- add 4, mix to dissolve
- add 5, 6, 7, 8 and mix until dry flour is no longer visible, rest 1.5 hour in oven with light on
- add 9, 10, slap and fold for 10 mins until smooth and not sticky, rest 1 hour
- perform 3 sets of letter fold over the next 2 hr 45 mins, rest for another 45 min - 1hr
- Shape and coat with oats, place into a banneton seam side up and sprinkle cornmeal generous all over the top
- Retard in fridge for 16 hrs.
- Slash and generously spray top with water before baking,
- Bake at 500f for 20 mins covered, remove cover, drop temp to 425f, slide a sheet pan underneath the Dutch oven / baking stone for insulation to prevent bottom from burning. Spray the top again and bake uncovered for another 40 mins.


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So I got a bag of Bob's whole wheat flour for the first time since it was super on sale, and I was surprised how fine grounded it was! Again I've never had the patience sifting bran or do long autolyse these days.

So this is my usual faux autolyse procedure, dough was at around 92-93% hydration and I was surprised how fluffy it turned out at 100% whole grain with add-ins.


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This was a new experiment, I didn't expect it to work this well and this bread is stupidly soft and stayed soft even when in the fridge.

I used about 580g leftover mashed potatoes, with milk and butter already in it, for TWO loaves.

Then I mixed up 1570g of dough(flour water starter) @ around 71% hydration, mixed in the salt and herb and mashed potatoes after 1.5 hr of faux autolyse,

looked like a disaster at the beginning, but after 10mins of mixing and slapping in the bowl it came together 

And after another 4 hour of bulk fermentation and folds it looked like a regular super strong dough without potatoes,  I actually needed 30g more water because it was too stiff!

And after it baked it's completely different, soft and velvety like no other bread I baked with other starches (non wheat grains, legume, carrots, sweet potatoes) just completely different in a good way! 

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Bread with warts.(before)


Bread after plastic surgery (after)


Those are burnt black currents





The inside looks better. Black current spiced bread.


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