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And I baked a blue or bluish sourdough bread.. with butterfly pea flower and blue berry. 
I have a potted butterfly pea flower plant on my balcony that I harvest daily. Some days there were 10 and others maybe 4 or 5. I cold dry it in the fridge by wrapping with a paper kitchen towel. So once a month I get to make a blue bread! 

it’s a basic sourdough dough bread at 75% hydration. A combination of flour and seeds. Overnight proofing in the fridge. Baked in a Dutch oven.

hope you like blue bread as much as I

😜 happy baking 




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80% hydration whole wheat mixed grain and classic panettone with yuzu candied peel

Recipe adapted from mwilson blog Panettone di Giorilli  

Sorry folks, it has been a while ...time to get my blog updated.

Nevertheless I have been baking on weekly basis for my family and friends, Practicing on new technics that generous home bakers and professional bakers shared. 

2020 year is near ending. Spirit of Christmas rushing in.. food blogger

s shared lots of beautiful and scrumptious bakes and dishes. hopefully lifted the readers and followers' spirit especially in this unfortunate year with Covid 19 outbreak. 

wishing everyone well 




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evonlim after watching this video.. inspired me to work with higher hydration confidently. 

my first 85% hydration loaves...


 i used grape yeast water after 4 days of fermentation. 


used Stone-Buhr Whole Wheat Flour and Dove's malthouse mixed grain flour




nice sour with hint of sweetness.. airy texture made it so crunchy. light yet hearty. 

made a simple sandwich ... just lovely




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baked this yesterday... yes, it is for my friends. this time they dropped by my place when i was baking. they were delivering an early birthday cake for me!! 

and i treated them a freshly baked bread from the oven!


home baked blueberry cheesecake :) what a surprised!

Saffron "red gold". Saffron threads may also be toasted. Once toasted, these threads can be ground into a powder.


made smaller loaves.. great for giveaways 




had so much fun, drinking dark German beer, long black coffee.. eating cake and fresh hot crunchy and soft bread.

it was a beautiful afternoon with friends.



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hello..firstly i like to apologized for my absence, i have been busy. but still managed to keep up my sourdough baking just had no time to post it. let me share a new adventure i did recently. baking with the infamous king of fruits "durian". i grew up eating lots of this, thanks to my dad. he used to buy in huge baskets. i even learnt to open the fruit.

the flesh emits a distinctive odour that is strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard the durian as pleasantly fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and revolting.





due to the high sugar content of the fruits .. the crust was beautifully caramelized. not to mentioned the fragrant engulfed my whole house!

oh yeah.. i was really busy!


the close up crumb



i chose to roast the pumpkin instead of boiling or steaming to produce a dry form of puree. blend 100 gram with 200 gram of durian flesh.

working with 250 gram of spelt sourdough stater at 100% hydration against 1kg of flour (20% white spelt, 40% high protein bread flour and 30% all purpose 5%barley flour 5%potato flour) at 75% hydration. added 80 gram Japanese toasted black sesame seeds for crunch and contrast of color. 15 gram of salt (always hold back at least 50 gram of water to mix in with the salt)

procedure is the same as all my sourdough bread. what i experience with this dough it took longer proofing time. instead of 2 hours it needed 3 1/2 hours.

had it toasted with Gorgonzola and avocado with home made balsamic organic strawberry jam. it's addictive. a good sour and ends with a beautiful sweet that lingers in the mouth.

i enjoyed this bake very very much... 






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been craving to bake one with saffron .. used truffle salt and Pecorino al Tartufo with this bake. it's my close friend's birthday today, baked this classy bread for my classy friend :) 

added 25% oak smoked flour to HP and AP flour. 75% hydration and used a white spelt starter. 

pretty golden yellow crust

gave him a batard wrapped with gold silk ribbon in a brown bag :)

 for this boule i snuck in some raisins for another special friend :)

the rest i will slice tomorrow...

here are the crumb pictures.. feedback from the friends excellent! :)

this was taken under the morning sunlight.. 




this is with little black raisins



my classy friend had it for breakfast with smoked salmon and brie :)




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my friend travels quite a bit in her work. Presently she is in China, Kunshan. she lived in San Francisco before, and worked with a German company. That was how she pick up to love sourdough bread especially rye. she bought me Roggen Mehl1150 flour recently when she was in Taiwan. Yes, i sent her hunting for flour wherever her work require her to be!!

 this bake is for her.

checked out in the internet for further understanding of this flour...

Rye Flour (Roggen Mehl 1150)
Germany's Roggen Mehl Number 1150 is equivalent to a medium to dark rye flour. Rye flour is darker than flours made from wheat and it has higher amounts of vitamins B and E.

Rye flour is used most often for breads and bread rolls. It imparts a slightly sour flavor to breads. Breads made with rye flour have a longer shelf life and taste fresh longer than breads made with wheat flours. It is also often combined with other flours because of its low gluten content.

i added the balance of Quinoa i did for the last bake and 50g of toasted flax seeds. used 25% of the flour for this bread. little touch of Asian with 100g unsulphured dry longan :) at 75% hydration


she sent me a picture.. she indulged it with greens, smoked ham, cube of vintage cheddar, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a spread of raspberry de pomegranate :)

taste.. good sour and a hint of fragrant sweetness from the longan.



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as you know i love blue :) to obtain a significant natural blue is quite impossible. found a method to dehydrate the blue pea flower and grind them to powder. check this out 











did not have enough fresh blue pea flower!!! 

this is a Toasted flax seeds Quinoa Spelt sourdough bread..

happy baking


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here you go.. higher % of oak smoked flour loaves.. definitely taste the sweet oak flavor :) nice

no sprouts added try to keep it as simple to flavor the wonderful oak smoked flavor !!






Ian.. a must to try!!





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sprouted wheat, oak smoked flour and mascarpone sourdough with longan and walnut






super soft crumb .. with the addition of mascarpone. 15% of Bacheldre Watermill's Oak Smoked Malted Blend Strong Flour.. layering of flavors. not as sour as with creme fraiche. (retarded this for 18 hours) as i expected mascarpone will not give much sour but more smooth buttery crumb. will update taste test the next day. will the sour build???

quite happy with this .. however, my mind was distracted with this bake cos i was babysitting my 2 year old nephew. 


let me share my lunch .. 



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